Familie Scheldeman

4 generations

The Scheldeman family has shared its passion for jewellery and precious stones since 1932. In 1956 my father Germain decided to go his own way, and so begins the Scaldis story. Together with his wife Beatrice he opened a shop in Kortrijk. On the basis of commitment and passion, Scaldis has grown to become a renowned name in Kortrijk and throughout the wider region. I took over the leadership of Scaldis in 1999, and my wife Christel and I have continued according to the values that my parents held so dear: outstanding quality and personal service.

We are incredibly proud that our oldest daughter Charlotte has recently joined us at Scaldis. She is the fourth generation to contribute enthusiastically to the family business.

Manuel & Christel

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1951 Braderie Scheldeman - Dendievel
1959 Beatrice
Scaldis jaren 80
Scaldis jaren 90
Scaldis jaren 2000
Scaldis sinds 2020


Scaldis jewellers in Kortrijk is renowned for excellent service and a personal approach. You, our customer, always take first place. We believe that it is this outstanding service that makes a visit to our jewellery shop so special. Service really does make all the difference.



Our team of experienced goldsmiths can create tailor-made jewellery, unique pieces designed exclusively for you.



Together, we can give the jewellery of your late loved one a new lease of life thanks to a personalized jewellery design true to your style.


Jewellery repairs

Our certified goldsmiths can repair any piece of gold jewellery for you with great care and a wealth of experience.


Watch repairs

Our experienced watchmaker can carry out most maintenance and repair operations, and we maintain partnerships with the major workshops of leading watch brands including Seiko and Corum.

Jewellery engraving

Say it with a piece of personalized jewellery … Scaldis offers a range of options for personalizing your jewellery by engraving it. Engraving makes your gift to yourself or your loved one even more meaningful.


Sfeerbeeld gouden trouwringen


Diamonds are our greatest passion. For your precious stone jewellery, we will seek out the best quality stone to match your budget. With years of extensive knowledge handed down from father to son, Scaldis is truly the home of professional diamond experts. Charlotte has now also completed a range of training programmes, including Diamond Grading at the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) and at HRD Antwerp and Basic Gemmology at HRD Antwerp (Hoge Raad voor Diamant).


Whenever you purchase a diamond larger than 0.30ct, we provide a certificate issued by the prestigious HRD or GIA institute as an extra service. This objective report confirms the authenticity and quality of your diamond and details its main attributes based on the four Cs.

Gia certificaat
HRD Antwerp certificaat

Ethical considerations and sustainability

Kimberley process

Kimberley process

The Kimberly Process protocol is intended to make the trade in raw diamonds as transparent as possible. At Scaldis, we guarantee customers that all of the precious stones we sell are acquired from legitimate suppliers who source stones in conflict-free zones and in full compliance with UN resolutions.

Natuurlijke diamanten

Natural diamonds

We are adamant about using exclusively natural diamonds in our collections. A natural diamond is a thing of wonder produced by the earth. Each authentic and unique and will retain its value over time.



Every piece of jewellery that Scaldis sells is created with sustainability in mind. We use fair-cycle gold in some of our collections. Moreover, the regulations and technical advances that apply in the diamond mining industry today have helped to reduce the impact on the environment to a minimum.