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Engagements & weddings

A wedding is among the most meaningful of life’s events, and we are always honoured to be part of such a special moment. We enjoy assisting and advising couples as they select the perfect engagement ring or wedding ring for a man or woman. With a beautiful ring, asking for the hand of your loved one in marriage is even more exciting.

House of Weddings

Scaldis is an official Partner of the House of Weddings Quality Label which gathers the best and most trustworthy Wedding Vendors in Belgium.

A beautiful recognition of our family, our vision for qualitative, timeless jewellery, our expertise and passion for diamonds and our goldsmiths with their many years of expertise.

House of Weddings

Engagement rings

Together, we will find the perfect ring to complement your desires, budget and your loved one’s personality. From a classic solitaire to more original engagement ring designs. With our years of experience we can guide you effortlessly through a range of styles, designs and precious stones.

Do you prefer a personalized engagement ring? As professional jewellery designers we can bring your idea to life. From applying our creative skills to design a sketch and showing you the most beautiful precious stones to the realisation by our specialist goldsmiths.

Gepersonaliseerde verlovingsring
Solitair verlovingsring
Solitair verlovingsring
Solitair verlovingsring
Solitair verlovingsring

Wedding bands and eternity rings

Wedding bands

Each one of our wedding rings is handcrafted by our goldsmiths in Kortrijk. That way we create your personalized wedding band in line with your taste and budget. Our workshop can engrave your wedding rings by hand on the inside. Scaldis quality is your guarantee that your wedding rings will be jewels for life.

Eternity rings

An eternity ring is a diamond ring with stones of the same size encircling the band. An infinite circle of sparkling diamonds is a symbol of eternal love and fidelity, a powerful gesture that is both timeless and elegant. As a diamond expert, Scaldis is happy to advise you and help you choose.

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Eternity ring
Trouwringen geel goud
Trouwringen wit goud
Trouwring geel goud
Ringen beeld bij verloven

If you prefer a more individual design, consider a beautiful pear shape or emerald cut? The possibilities are endless.


Expertise 4C's

A diamond is a symbol of purity, love and eternity. These very special precious stones have fascinated people for centuries. Today, their value is assessed according to a combination of the four Cs for diamonds. These characteristics can help you choose from among the huge range of stones available. When you visit our jewellery shop in Kortrijk, we will be happy to share our knowledge and help you choose your ideal diamond.

Carat icon Scaldis

Carat / Weight

The carat is the unit used to measure the weight of a diamond. One carat is about 0.2 gram. Smaller diamonds are described using points, with 100 points the equivalent of one carat.

Colour icon Scaldis


A diamond’s colour is assessed on a scale ranging from the whitest (‘colourless’), or D, to yellowish, or Z. The whitest stones are those in categories D to H, which is the lowest you will find at Scaldis. Did you know that there are also coloured diamonds? These yellow, pink, blue, ... stones are extremely rare.

Clarity icon Scaldis

Clarity / Purity

Diamonds develop under conditions of extreme heat and pressure which give the diamond unique internal and external characteristics. The clarity scale reflects the size, number and location of it's flaws. Diamonds whose flaws are invisible to the naked eye are judged to be of outstanding quality.

Cut icon Scaldis

Cut / Quality of shaping

The quality of the cut is an essential part of a diamond’s beauty and sparkle. Refined proportions, symmetry and a perfect finish are very important. The best-known diamond cut is the brilliant cut, which has no fewer than 57 facets even in the smallest stones.