Reuge music

The art of mechanical music

The beautiful melodies and centuries-old artisanry of Reuge music boxes are truly enchanting. Besides personalized music boxes and pocket watches, Reuge also creates wooden 'Music boxes' and 'Singing birds'. If you would like to purchase your own music box, you will find both collections in our jewellery shop in Kortrijk.

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Music box Byzance

Music box

The Reuge collection includes both modern shapes and classic wood veneers. Inside each wooden music box is a meticulously crafted mechanical movement: the music roll. Some of these music rolls have over 2,200 pins, and all are still made by hand today. Advanced designs and technological innovation, an exclusive eye-catching element in your interior.

Singing birds

Singing birds

Fascination is what most customers describe feeling when they first see a Reuge singing bird in motion. At first sight these music boxes keep their secrets hidden. But once the key is turned, a musical world opens up. Real bird feathers, fully synchronized automations and a delightful song create a truly dream-like moment.

Reuge close-up
Reuge muziekrol
Close-up Reuge Singing bird
Reuge singing bird